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you bleed more when you're in love.

"cry your heart out baby"

today sucked.
fuck i cant wait to leave this shit hole.

I don't get why everyone always has to run off ruining other people's days because they're ASSHOLES and can't just BE PISSED by themselves.

list of things to destroy.
-video games
-head aches
-UNNECESSARY restrictions

one year, two weeks, 6 days, 26 hours, and 46 minutes until i FINALLY get the remote. this is getting old. i wanna change the channel.
don't you love the way I trusted you again? saying I could go on knowing I've only got half a heart left cause you stole the rest. believe it or not every word that you say does justify what you did to me. even if I let you do it again because you expected it from me. to this day I'd beg for you to repeat the process. hold, have, hurt. I'll do that knowing that I'll cry sometime in a few months. that you want me cause it didn't work out with her. what a trophy she was that you left me for. it took a fucking WHORE to bring you back. you're sorry and I'm silent. next girl that comes by and you're leaving. me and you were never going to work out. so FUCK YOU. fuck you for taking the other half. sadly enough, I'll keep my phone on for when you call me in a couple months when the new girl starts to get old. leave a message. I'll be sure to fuck you then.

too bad there's no rehab for love.

10:59 p.m. - 12-06-06


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