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today.. was amazing. I like this. I almost felt like one of those girls (yes, I hate that phrase too). The ones that have something to say when someone asks them about their day and as annoying as it is, you still give them every right to have that every-so-often blab on a lifetime about how amazing it was and how much they miss someone as much as it pisses you off.

Manpreet never called. That's okay. I'll call her tomorrow.

Tomorrow:Dads waking me up;; Mall with mom;; cleaning;; call Manpreet;; talk to Katherine;; Get ready for school! haha..

I miss Janet(my aunt) a lot. I talked to her on the phone yesterday. It's like the world makes sense. Maybe because she's the only other person I know that just.. gets it.

11:12 pm - 01-03-07


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