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lalala. not finished.

get out of my life. its a stresser. i dont know why. its one of those things id stay away from if i had my freedom. and id go visit melanie a lot. and hang out with other people. and not have to hear about them see them or let any of that shit bother me. if only right? i always thought this would be when i was 16 and had a license and could drive and do all the stuff i love doing. like driving around in circles where there aren't that many people and you don't know much about the place and looking at houses and taking pictures of them and the sky and parks and music and quiet and no worries. i love that. car rides without traffic. not in the freeway either. i like the street type. i get janet to take me sometimes. no one else understands. "whats the point of driving without a direction?" i could never have someone else do it. id wonder what they were thinking. and if they saw me as crazy or something. im not. it just helps me think and above all, relax. on my own, id do that.

the rest i cant tell you because im afraid of who might be reading this. if any of them want to know, id tell them individually, but not like this. its not right. im going to write that somewhere else. someday when it doesn't matter, ill put it in here. this very entry. promise.

6:47 pm - 01-09-07


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