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this is what we promise. one day you'll see me again, not here though, not on earth. and you and me? we'll be moonmen. and gravity won't have that power over us. and someone said you need air to breathe, but there isn't any in outer space but i think they lied because you and me? we'll be each others air. this is what i promise, and i don't care what they say, i promise you ill find a way to help us live in outer space. i dont care what they call possible, impossible or probable. those words just dont apply to us. we're love. we're everything everyone ever wants to be. and this is you, and this is me, and we mean to much to have limits. if there's a life, and i have to live, then ill only live if you live with me. on our big blue house we'll build on the moon. because this is my promise, and i promise that one day ill build a rocketship, and me and you? we'll fly away. we'll live this life our own way. we'll be moonpeople and make up eachothers air. no gravity to pull us down. we'll fly together off the ground. here you are and here's my promise. and i promise you ill build a rocketship. let's be like birds and fly away. let's have a house in outer space. because me and you? we don't need this place.

9:13 pm - 01-21-07


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