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last shot.

well i know not to think about them so much but i have to let my final blow out. i havent spoken to them except for them telling me i have to go work on the project with them. i think im going to find a way to get us to do it in class.

-you dont care about anyone other than your self so cut the fake act out, get a fucking personality of your own, stop trying to act like me, stop trying to take away from me everything that i have, and get your own friends. you're boyfriend is a fucking freshman. an unattractive one at that. the only people who talk to you, are through me. your life is sad. you're never invited to anything. the only person you hang out with is your drugged up boyfriend that by the way, cheats on you. a lot. and hasnt gotten over his exgf. the guy you dont like but are completely in love with. he's fun. cheap move. stop trying to be me, you're doing a shit job at it. kthanx.

you were my best friend. when you threw me out "why dont you just go hang out with jonathan" it hurt me more than i can tell you. im not forgiving you for that because you dont deserve it. i didnt do shit to you. you didnt have to blow up at me like that. absolutely not. i could cry thinking about it. i mean how could you. just how fucking could you? thats one of the meanest things anyone has ever done to me. ive never felt that left out in my life. i was supposed to be able to trust you. now you're her best friend. good job. you dont believe a word i say. you want to hang out but you wont hang out with me. you want to talk but you wont talk to me. you're a liar in so many words. ive learned to accept that you're no better than anyone else. and i dont deserve this abuse.

8:13 pm - 04-12-07


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