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for 4.19.07

Today in homeroom, after testing, all of us got together and made chocolate chip (Alice's idea) pancakes. Well.. like I told Danny- not all of us. Some Asian chick that doesnt talk and Manpreet and Ana didn't join in. They're loners now so it's okay.
-Poor Evelyn. I hope she's happy. Apperantly Ana (the blonde one)critiscized her cooking yesterday. It was really good! It was raw- but good. People are just mean. She's such a sweetheart.
-I finally saw Danny today. We talked a bit and he wasn't at the spot later. Manpreet and Ana were alone. I know it's because of me. Danny's closer to me than any of them. It's because he was friends with me first, and because I'm the only one that was ever nice to him. He's also pretty sweet.
-Yesterday: (in front of Ana and Manpreet)
Tasha: It's okay friends come and go.. Lina knows about that one right?
Me: Yeah.. the bad ones go.
Tasha: Exactly.

(later)Tasha: Are they in your next class?
Me: Yeah.. they're in like all my classes
Tasha: Oh
Me: But they don't talk to the same people as me.. actually.. they don't really talk to any people.
Tasha: Haha.. Yeah.. I was about to ask you about that.

Tasha: We should party sometime. :)

Today in Math:
Sara: The only good reason we should come to school is to bomb it.
Me: Good idea!
Sara: Yeah except I'm not-and I don't really have any friends that are- Muslim.


12:39 pm - 04-22-07


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