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for 4.17.07

Diary, I'm sorry I've been so lazy to write in here. I've written things at school that I've been meaning to move into this, but haven't really had a chance to. That's what these next two pages are going to be about.

-Hello. Although I know that this will end up typed around 8:00 for me to look at in the future I'm writting it in class. Nothing special has really happened though.
-I was just talking to Sara:
Sara: I was comparing things earlier, I was like there's a meteor coming to destory the earth! I'ts bigger than my cooking teacher!!
Me: She showed us pictures of her son. They're pretty thin. It was weird.
Sara: Oh shit... someone did it with her?!?!
-I miss hanging out with Ron. When I thing about it a huge double double pops into my head haha. We saw 300 (Persian blood fest) some weeks ago.
-I miss Mikey too even though I never knew him that well. I liked talking to him about things other people my age don't bother to learn about. We talked a little yesterday since Ana wasn't around. I wish she'd just leave perminantly.
-I just popped a pimple- wow that's attractive.
Jon said I look pretty today. I don't like the word beautiful for people. Feelings and places are beautiful. People are pretty. I wonder if be meant it. I hope so. I hardly ever think I'm pretty. Maybe it's my perfume.
-Walking into homeroom today:(late)
Ms. B: Lina! There you are!
Me: "I'm sorry.. I forgot that time like.. existed"

12:24 pm - 04-22-07


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