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not that I would ever let him know it meant anything at all to me- but I like when friends care. and okay, maybe I felt a little happy about it. he probably didnt even mean it. but I guess even so, I did buy it for the time being. and okay, I hope he meant it lol

05 (11:56:25 PM): look
05 (11:56:30 PM): if I tell you waht you said
05 (11:56:41 PM): and we're not completely comfortable with each other
05 (11:56:49 PM): our relationship won't be the same.
05 (11:57:04 PM): that's why
see (11:57:06 PM): are you serious?
05 (11:57:09 PM): yes
05 (11:57:12 PM): dead serious
see (11:57:25 PM): well gosh
see (11:57:36 PM): i didnt think it meant so much to you
05 (11:57:52 PM): don't flatter yourself
05 (11:58:14 PM): it's something that I'd tell you and we'd laugh about at the right time

11:33 am - 04-24-07


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