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bitch, please.

I'm such a bitch. But I could care less right now. So I was with Cynthia when Manpreet and Ana came by. Long story short she threw papers from her locker at me. Once she left Cynthia was like-"I can't believe she just did that." To think I was trying to be nice to her.

someonexxelsee (7:07:59 PM): hey. i dont really want to talk or anything cause im not in the mood to deal with your bitchy attitude, but could you bring my camera tomorrow?

someonexxelsee (7:08:05 PM): please and thank you

(to manpreet)

humph. she's not the only one that can play that game. i just happen to be better than playing off childish behavior.

7:31 pm - 05-15-07


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