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your mistakes will follow you where ever you go. they will not be forgotten, they will take the form of every breathe that you take. the air you breathe is no longer safe. you're haunted. they will capture you, and you're spread. you're weak when they will take you. you won't have that good left in you. never bite the hand that feeds you. depression is deadly. regret is poison. the combination of the two is vital. this is a curse called irony. in it's treachery, you will be found. there is no escape for this. it will kill you, suffocation, and then it will follow you down to your grave when you're dead. the decisions you've made have led you to where you are, fair warning was previous received. go back to chanting the words you think are all that make sense "never again, no, never again". blind eyes- you are not forgiven.

1:29 pm - 05-25-07


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