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i saw laila today& she officially has like half my clothes.

she told me why she was crying last week, i would write it down but im scared someone might read this, and im really not supposed to tell anyone.

seans coming UP this weekend. he makes me smile :). he was telling me about rich white bears with hott sisters. absolutely adorable. then hes coming again next weekend (i think?) since its the weekend of his birthday. and sunday the packers are gonna kick some ass. but i kind of hope they dont cause he'll be all bleh and not want to talk. hah.

makeila and ernie are apperantly all in love now. i dunno. i think the reason laila doesnt like this is because makeila already has so many guys. sebastian, bob. &ernie really is a nice guy. hes good for makeila, she needs someone that'll treat her right, but so does laila. i dont know. thats my intake.

oh& homecomings in a month from tomorrow. colors: red& black.

10:06 pm - 09-17-07


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