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its over.

second time around im going off on people in a diary entry.

first off it takes one dumb fucking asshole to go randomly turn into a douche bag because hes not always getting what he wants. deal with your fucking life cause a lot of people have it a lot worse. dont go off trying ruin that of others like the selfish moron that you've apperantly turned into. i cant believe i cared. i just cannot believe it. ive lost too many best friends. one of them was my sister. it hurts really badly. especially now that i know theres a reason for it. im gonna try not to say anything to him. hes not worth my time right now. i fucking hate assholes. as for my sister, im done telling her what to do and how to "live her life". she will never have to complain to me about me trying to control her again ever. cause im over that. shes a big girl i guess. i cant wait to leave this house next year.

6:25 pm - 10-11-07


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