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the time travelers wife [not done yet]

"In ten years she will vote for determinism, and ten years after that Clare will believe that the universe is arbitrary, that if God exists he does not hear out our prayers, that cause and effect are inescapable and brutal, but meaningless." (pg 77)

"Ein jeder Engel ist schrecklich"-Rilke

"When I was little, seeing Henry wasn't anything too unusual. But now every time he's here is one less time he's going to be here. And things are different with us. I want something...I want him to say something, do something that proves this hasn't all been some kind of elaborate joke. I want. That's all. I am wanting." (pg 123)

"I love him. He's my life. I've been waiting for him my whole life, and how he's here. I don't know how to explain. With Henry I can see everything laid out, like a map, past and future, everything at once, like an angel...I can reach into him and touch time... he loves me. We're married because.. we're part of each other" (pg 149)

"I feel like Dorothy, when her house crash-landed in Oz and the world turned from black and white to color. We're not in Kansas anymore." (pg 164)

"It's sad and lovely. Come back, Henry. Come back."

"Just because I have no idea where he might be doesn't mean anything is wrong. Who knows? Maybe he's with me" (pg 241)

11:33 pm - 03-16-08


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