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Basically my OPP didn't make it to finals, but that's okay. The judges were weird, to be honest. they left the worse critiques you could imagine. "You're only portraying one character!" Duh. It's a monologue.

Aside from that, Pricilla's a bitch (what else is new). Katie is fake. Makeila is confused. Anita is insecure/jealous/without. Anthony is all on Alex's balls. Alex thinks she's in charge of life. Aida is one strange sweetheart. Courtney is the oddest human being I've ever met. Tony and Stephanie are on the DL. Megan thinks she's welcome. Jinea is lovely. Steven is oblivious. Cathy is obnoxious. Aaron and Zita got first place. Mason is so sweet, but so lost. Sam loves his mommy. Lauren and Bobby are the cutest couple. Chris is quiet. Topher is, well, charming. Raychel understands. Bobby and Arianna are too lucky to have eachother, and I'm too lucky to have them. Danny is my amazing friend. And I am observing.

6:16 pm - 03-24-08


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