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tips to living life.

1. Don't let any one tell you who you are. Every single person out there has something so beautiful about them, no matter what, I mean that in every circumstance. If you are having trouble finding this in you I will gladly help, just write me a note and give me your screen name. No one in this world is fit to judge another person, so don't listen. Hear it, take it in, keep what helps you, then let it go.

2. Surround yourself with as many good hearted people as you can. Stay close to those who are good to you. No matter what, losing a good friend is the worst thing you can do to yourself. No boyfriend is worth that, trust me. Of course, you need to be surrounded by a few bad people too (how else would you learn?) but it's the great people you meet that help you get through it.

3. Revenge hurts you. It only gets you closer to the people you need to get away from. In very, very, few cases does it truely help you.

4. Anger is not worth it. Time is not to be wasted, you only live once.

5. This pertains to the last one: put heart in everything you do, you only have so many chances to do it. Even if you fail at something, do it right. Live without regret, the earth has been around billions of years and it will be around billions after- you only get it once.

6. Your heart will keep beating, the seasons will keep changing, the earth will keep moving, the universe will go on. Time doesn't stop for anyone, don't worry- it will get better. Most important thing I've ever learned: no matter what it is- it will get better.

7. You can find someone better. You can be in love again. You can do anything. I promise this. I hate when people are hung up on others when they can be living life. Sometimes being single is good for you, try it out, it really doesn't suck that bad.

8. Don't talk to ex's until you don't have feelings for them anymore. It's not different, believe me.

9. Keep smiling. Worst case scenario, you'll fool yourself.

10:52 pm - 05-23-08


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