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you used me, you abused me
but you don't want to lose me
don't talk to me
don't look at me anymore
i'm just another score.

it always starts with the shaking, the irregular heart beats, the thoughts that you're dying, or worse, that you're living. you wander senselessly. you make your way to worlds end. the images of it overcome you, whatever it is you're afraid of, and you are afraid of something. air turns to poison, refusing to release you. your eyes bleed tears, when you're lucky. then your weaker, paralyzed. the only thing keeping you alive is the same thing that's killing you. the absence of heartbeat bickers you. that's where i stop my story. shit. fuck. get the fuck over it. please. please. someone else see me.

6:09 pm - 07-02-08


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