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remember me tonight.

You spend your careless nights, your figure fumbling through the dark and show your hidden face through musicís only meaningless art. I cram my head with images of the softer days to come, and stare outside the window wondering, ďWhat did I do wrong?Ē I have no hidden dangers, no lies, no secrets, no fears. I really donít have anything left of anything but bitter tears. I know I show my feelings in a way youíll never understand.. I try to erase you though our innitials are still marked into the sand. Your description of your desires: a meaningful trial, growing close.. But now you surround yourself with those youíll never need to know. Contradiction after contradiction, thoughts and memories screened by egoís guard.. Your letters have gone unwritten so Iím assuming youíre not finding this as hard.. As I am still waiting to hear from you.. A letter, a call, or even a look will do. My eyes may be looking to the right but their stare is to the left. Iíve tried to move on but still my heart is kept. Your mystery never fails to astonish but youíll always disappoint the rest. Iím sorry I ever listened to those words you never said. Your implications dawned to have a second translation. If I showed you what itíd look like, youíd agree with my illustration.. of what everything appeared to be.. But all it ever was was a new chapter to your tragedy.. Tricked, fooled.. Every negative action that exists. All this hell began with just a simple kiss. I thought I was living heaven when really it was all a nightmare.. But you still roam through my dreams and I know somewhere youíre out there.. Remembering our misery and fumbling through the dark.. Aware of who you couldíve been and how it broke my heart.

9:12 pm - 08-11-08


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