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those daze.

i usually don't like to write about people in here, or at least mention names that much. because i don't want anyone to ever read it and know it's me, because everything in here is so personal. that being said, any time i do actually mention a name it means that person has made some impact on me. enough that i don't want to forget them, and i want to somehow save them in a moment. and since i noticed that i have yet to say much about her, i thought this was a good place. kind of a bookmark to look back at later on in case we aren't friends anymore. anyway- i'm incredibly happy i've met nicole. its kind of ridiculous out there she is, because i'm completely the opposite (so is allan). i can't even imagine being like that (something i should probably work on). i'm really glad there are people like her out there though, that will be open and make you feel like you're not alone. she's one of the most beautiful people i know and a huge part of my life the past few years.

9:08 pm - 09-03-08


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