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because the night life is just not for me.

new entry coming soon. other than that i got some very good advice from the most incredible, beautiful, absolutely amazing girl i know. i thought i would share it with you:

Fuck her. She doensn't need to be brought into any of our conversations.


You are a very smart girl and you don't need a boy to make you see that. Boys are just way too immature at this age so they don't know what's good for them. When a boy asks you out then you will know he is a bright and stable boy because he knows what he wants and he went for something that will be more then a hook up. He went for beauty and smarts. << that's you.

So even though you don't have a boy right now. At this time of your life. You shouldn't feel like it's your fault cause it's not. It's just that the special guy hasn't found that special girl. <
When he finds you you both will be happy.


11:16 pm - 09-18-08


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