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i tried to do handstands for you.

why do we feel like we need another person to complete us? oscar wilde said "the only lifelong love one will ever have is with oneself". in psychology it is crucial to understand that from a young age we are born with a constant need for completion. sociology shows us this feeling is more often supressed by men and embraced by women. why do we put up with the heartbreak and heartache forced on us by these men that claim to "love" us then use and abuse us. is it really even their faults that they're not capable to be this ideal we're constantly searching for? no one can complete you. the key to happiness is knowing yourself and loving yourself. no one will ever able to bring you down if you know who you are and stand by it. having someone else there for is great, amazing, really. but its not necessary, especially not to be happy. we, as females, need to learn that the most important love we have is for ourselves. we are beautiful, all of us. and by no means do we need a man to tell us that. he will never be able to give you anything you can't give yourself. be strong and be secure. be independent. it will be okay. i promise, it will be okay.

3:12 pm - 09-23-08


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