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you know who you are.

this goes to that specific person only- stop reading my diary, it wasn't made for you, you sad, lonely, bitch. he doesn't love you, you're just the best he could get. all your friends that you have are because of other people. and wanna know what really tops it all off? while you were around thinking about me and how you miss being friends with me, and looking at what i wear, and what my nose looks like- i never thought of you. not once. i have the greatest best friends ever. i didn't change, i came out of my shell. i always felt like i had to hold back because i didn't want to outshine you. and when i was finally with people that are to my standard, i had a FANTASTIC time. i thought i would be so miserable when we stopped being friends- it ended up being the best thing to have ever happened to me. i can be social now and stop finding reasons to hate the world. i am so happy.

by the way, you were never good enough for your parents, never good enough for your sister, never good enough for me, you'll never be good enough for him, or anyone. go kill yourself. you're honestly a sad waste of life.

and if the worst thing you can say about me is i have an ugly orange sweater and my nose is big- i would advise you to look in the mirror. you can't afford cloths. you wear the same ugly tank top over and over again. on top of that, thats incredibly superficial to judge someone based on their cloths. and your nose is huge beyond reason. and you look like a fucking man and i'm not the first person to say it. i, on the other hand, am drop dead gorgeous. i've never met anyone that called me ugly. because i'm fucking hott. and while you've been with the same person that makes you unhappy so often- and you know he does- contemplating all the reasons as to why you're together, if you'll ever truley stay happy- i have been having the time of my life. no one i've met recently doesn't like me. because i'm incredibly caring and incredibly smart. unlike your pathetic ass. if any of my readers are looking at this, i'm talking about a girl who didn't know that africa is a continent.

i'm always going to be everything you wish you were. you're always going to wish you didn't lose me. and this is the last time i ever adress you again.

stop googling me. stop looking at my myspace. grow the fuck up. what are you like in love with me? it's fucking creepy. i don't need to be stalked.

1:43 am - 10-22-08


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