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13: hannah can't swim

sum41: i will bring you down. i don't wanna miss, i don't think you can handle this.

is it wrong to be sensitive? like is that just a bad quality in a person? all these theories of karma and you get what you give, are they true for the over thinker? for those who hold high expectations? i keep seeing stories about people who had nothing but a good heart and made it big. what about everyone else? what about everyone else with an equally good heart that has died or will die and no one will write a screen play, or a song or anything to remember their names. these people will have given their all and will go on to be forgotten. i guess we can't all be remembered. i guess we can't all be happy.

if you can make someone's life better- why wouldn't you? why doesn't anyone reach out?

because we cry and no one sees us us. we scream and no one hears us.

hannah, i wish it weren't this way. i wish you didn't have to do what you did to be heard. but you were heard. and i hope you can enjoy it.

7:13 pm - 11-16-09


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