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midlife crisis.

this is just a little rant that doesn't make sense but i wanted to document

after i graduated high school, i spent a some tim in europe. when i came back, i felte a sense of emptiness. i wanted to run away. i wanted to feel life. i wanted to party. i felt alone and sad and wanted more friends and more to do.

i've noticed that sometimes when people graduate high school, they kind of go downhill somehow. people that would NEVER drink/smoke are suddenly getting DUI's. people that seemed content are suddenly lonely, tired, depressed, unaccomplished.

i've learned that in todays society when we are constantly searching to be quicker, faster, better- we're losing something. we want to go as fast as we can, and we're in a constant search to do so. so once we find this thing we're looking for- the best, the fastest- what then? do we just stop moving? do we quit our constant state of motion?

they say 30 is the new 20, well where does that leave 20? maybe some of us are having the time of our lives. but what if the speed is getting to the rest? be social cause you're at the top of your health, but you need to drink and mess it up. be crazy cause its your only chance, but you need to do well in college. we're not even 20 anymore. 30 is 20. i think some of us are in this weird confused place. something like a midlife crisis? a premidlife crisis?

11:43 pm - 07-18-10


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