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biting the apple

"what's the worst that could happen after taking one small bite of an apple?"

what if snow white knew what she was doing? and what if that was the best decision for her to make? i mean she got a price from it. life ended up pretty good, a lot better than living with dwarves and cleaning up after them all her life. but what if the prince never came? is it worthwhile risk to give up a mediocre life in hopes of a better one? or will you end up like alice, trapped with the traumas of the rabbit hole. because i am staring adventure right in the face, knowing that i'll probably end up back where i started- unreccognizable. someone outside what i remember. and maybe i'll never be the same again. so here's the crossroads, the red apple, the rabbit hole. what now?

1:59 pm - 09-17-10


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