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Hawaii 2010


Day 1: We arrived, Daddy let me pick the car. I decided on a blue Jeep. He said it had to be a hard-top. We had lunch at the hotel, I had a cheeseburger. We called Janet to make sure Lily was doing alright.

Day 2: We went to the Aquarium. After we got back, I gave Anna my phone and told her not to give it back to me until after New Year. The aquarium was a lot of fun. Afterwards we tried to find a sushi place to eat at (this didn't work out) then we ended up at Lailani's, a fish place mom didn't like. The wait was really long. It was at this shopping center we later went back to. I had this sushi type thing. We came home, me and Anna went to the pool are where we met these two random guys (who were 17.. bleeeh). White people had taken over the jacuzzi so we had to wait a while before we went in. Even when we did, they were sooo obnoxious. Then we got contact lens solution at the nearby grocery store and went home.

Day 3: The Laker game was on TV, so dad didn't want to go out. Me, Anna and mom went shopping at the shopping center that we were at the night before. Me and Anna bought these cute dresses from a kiosk. They were the same dress, different colors. We also got frozen yogurt. After we got done shopping we went to this place where they had gyro's and Subway was also next door. We got food, called dad, met up at the beach (it was connected to the hotel) and had dinner there. It turned out that dad didn't get to watch the Laker game. I'm sure he found some way to entertain himself though, he probably needed the alone time. Me and mom took a walk along the beach after we ate (Anna and dad were too lazy). We then went back to the hotel. Me and Anna went back to the pool after.

Day 4: This was the day of the Luau. Me and Anna met Greg Brady at the jacuzzi area. He told us about a lot of things we could do while in Hawaii. We then went back to the hotel and got ready. We wore our dresses, the new ones we bought to the Luau. Mom didn't get drunk at this one but it was still fun. Anna made friends with these old people sitting by us. Greg Brady was actually the host. It was a lot of fun.

Day 5: waterfall. I wanted to go to a volcano, but the front desk people told us about this place called Twin Falls where there were really nice waterfalls. We drove over there and there was this smoothie truck in the front that mom and dad bought smoothies from. We then took a walk to the waterfall. It was kind of like a park, but a really really nice one. It looked like a screensaver (lol). It was totally beautiful. When we got there we had to walk in water over there and it was kinda hard to do. Mom sat out, dad took a bunch of pictures, I hurt my foot (but beat everyone there and back!), and it was all totally worth it. Mom put my purse down when I got back though without me knowing, and when we left we had to drive back for it. I was really worried someone had taken it but luckily it was still there. There was also this little bridge thing we had to cross, mom was hilarious. She could barely do it because she was scared. I laughed at her so she cursed me. Also funny. I have it on film.

Day 6: hotel, tanning, minigolf
Day 7: dinner at sheriton
Day 8: hiking at mountain thing

4:53 am - 01-09-11


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