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i'm done talking to you. i tried to be a decent person, but i think i crossed a line and that's my own fault. i'm handling this on my own because you haven't done anything to earn my sympathy or compliance. i went through this on my own. i was stupid to think you'd be the only person that could understand because in reality all i did was trick myself into thinking i needed you. and i don't. in two weeks, this is most likely done, and if it's not i'm going to finish it myself. and then i'm never going to talk about it again. we're at the last chapter of this book and i'm writing your exit. it's not about you anymore and i am not letting you pick my pace, the one thing i regret is that i ever did. and maybe i'll have to live with my decisions, but you'll have to live with yourself and that's something worse than i could ever wish on a person.

1:46 am - 08-13-11


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