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erase me- haris (i thought about him every time this song came on going to irvine)

animal- trent/tony

memories- aneel

dysfunctional- nane

take a bow- sean (he said heartless is me, so i said take a bow is him)

the mixted tape- nick/sean/nicole

sunshine- daniel (shehan a little for making it my ringtone, but not fairly. it'll always be daniels)

persuit of happiness- harry/sha (always listening to it on rides back from justins and once making fun of me for how i sing it)

make her say- nicole

how to love- david

can't get enough- eric/aneel

makedamnsure- manpreet

control freak- manpreet (really a lot of things, but i'll give her this one)

forever (travis barker remix)- daniel

bound to the floor- trent/tony

drive (incubus)- shehan/johnathan

stereo hearts- sophia/elyssa

the first single (you know me)- katie b

i will follow you into the dark- anna (sister)

opposite of adults- laila

in the morning- tony

get me naked 2 (minus the bear)- trent bc of the ativan

viva la vida- mostly me, but a little bit sean/daniel

the high road- tiana

in the morning- nane/tony

disturbia- armash

in my head- may

heaven at night- daniel

peaches and cream- nane/armash/sharma

higher- aneel

loser- allan

blame it- laila

bottoms up- chantal

tonight (i'm fucking you)- chantal

yesterday (by atmosphere)- tasha

wonderland- anna (twin)

turn me on- my mom (don't ask)

the wall- dad

tear you apart (by she wants revenge)- alanna ("this is a good song to make out to")

hotel california- jessica

clark gable (by the postal service)- mikey

see you in my nightmare- sophia

she's so high- hawaii

instrumental- hawaii

racks- patrick

float on- tasha

island in the sun- kathrine

radar (britany spears)- alex

lay me down- trent (i for some reason really imagined myself running away with him and eloping or something crazy prob bc of all the crazy things he did)

american boy- elyssa (ever since years ago)

the one (drake and mary j)- nane

destiny's child (in general)- armash/sharma/anais (armash and sharm from when we were little anais bc her mom used to have a cd of different versions of say my name she'd play when giving us rides places)

pretty boy swag- melissa/evan (they were singing it at disneyland i once gave evan a lecture to at least listen to good hip hop)

system of a down- melany

the good life-makeila/kaikea/nick (it was makeilas ringtone, that's how i know the song i think)

dragonfly (ziggy marley)-david/aneel a little (david for the concert, aneel because i think its his fav song that i put on his cd)

patience (damien marley/nas cd)-narine

beautiful, dirty, rich- laila (how i heard of lady gaga)

pretty fly for a while guy- nick/anna

getting away with murder- nick (introducing me to papa roach)

last resort- ana/joanna/sally/those bitches (after the threats and fight, i listened to this song walking home all the time)

say aah- harry (he'd play it all the time coming back from justins)

i touch myself- david

crazy bitch- david/manpreet

hello, i love you- nick (he loved the doors like i did)

i'm yours (jason mraz)- michael (he played it on the guitar)

lovebug- the drama group/sean

cities in dust- ara (he commented on the different version on my myspace when i put it up, we were just getting to know eachother)

my body- ara (but only a little bc of that one night we stayed up talking)

heartless- tony/ryan/sean (tony/ryan because i hung out with them when this came out and we talked about it in the car.. sean bc he said it makes him think of me lol)

california (phantom planet)- manpreet (introducing me to phantom planet)

stuff from jack blacks band- bobby (a little) and ryan ballek

lose yourself- karla (we watched 8mile together for her birthday at her house)

dog problems- anna (i found this band "the format" but she was obsessed)

just the girl- anna (idk why honestly. we both like the song, but we have similar taste in general)

through the wire (k west)- shehan (only bc i explained to him what it was about when he drove us to the view)

roses- nane (paraaaaalyyyyyyzeeeeed.. its our favorite song to sing)

misery business- makeila (i think i first heard the song on her myspace)

yo (chris brown)-sean (he'd sing this on the phone a lot)

ridin dirty (chamillionaire)- sean (his old favorite song i was embarassed for liking)

sugarcult: "memory" & "pretty girl"- johnathan (the only two songs i remember that he put on my cd besides chop suey)

down (blink 182) & miss you- nick (i listened to the whole blink 182 cd packing to go to sf after we stopped talking)

rough draft- nick/sean

wonderwall- sean/betty (europetrip- she liked the other version)

milkshake (<--i wrote that until i realized the real song is "my humps" but knowing me i prob messed up then and its really both)- nerdy ryan -_-, allison, molly, matt, clarissa (all europe- i'd bug matt and ryan by talking about putting his milk in my "milky milky co co puffs" around breakfast time)

camisado- the people from the hospital, especially the guy who sang panic at the disco (i listened to this non stop when i got out)

stereo hearts- shelby (she loves the song)

what you know- sean (i had the lyrics in my aim profile when we were close at like 15)

drops of jupiter-brittany (she gave me a ride home last day of school listening to this) & europe

gotta have you (by the weepies)- anna (she likes the song and i think i found it because of her)

lolipop- laila ( it was the only song on my ipod she liked, we played it all the time after i learned to drive)

candy shop- anna/anais (we used to make fun of the video when it was on the demand thing on tv)

semi charmed kind of life (third eye blind)- anna and cousin alex (because i explained to them what the song means- meth)

forget you- ryan ballek/trent (i played it a lot after trent, but ryan loved the song we'd listen to it when we'd carpool aka i'd drive)

music is my hot hot sex- laila

crystal crimewaves- josh (josh loves this kind of music before anyone i knew did, and really likes it isn't just trying to pretend to be cool or whatever)

lucy in the sky with diamonds- haris ("girl with kaleidoscope eyes)

into the ocean- aneel/ryan (aneel put it on my cd said him and ryan like the song a lot)

coming undone (korn)- ron

twisted transistor (korn)- ron

indestructible- nane (partially bc i know the song bc of her, partially because she's indestructible)

the bad touch (by the bloodhound gang)- sean (i tried to make him sing it)/anna (she found it first)/daniel (i said i'd put it on his first cd idk if i did)

mr brightside- that crazy girl i knew that i half can't believe was real/dan (who hated the killers)

we don't care (k west)- daniel (it was the first kanye cd besides 808s i listened to on our trip to sd)

the friend zone- daniel (introducing me to 88 keys, and this song kind of described our friendship, we took turns there)

i love college- anni (sophias friend who wrote a blog about it)

i'm not okay (MCR)- anna (we both loved this video and would watch it all the time)/anais only a little bc she got obsessed with MCR

the pierces "secret" & "three wishes"- anna because she's probably the only other person who's ever heard these songs

let's get lifted- daniel (putting it on my cd, loving john legend when i didn't, and going to the concert without me!)

special k- nicole and kirill (she showed me the song, i remember their situation)/sean (taking my final sick trying not to throw up while my mom waited in the car)

wow, i can get sexual too (by say anything)- david (he thought it was funny and would quote it all the time after i showed it to him) & cynthia for showing it to me

alive with the glory of love- this reminds me of working at 6flags, and daniel (i think it was the only not hip hop song i got him to like)

fame- 6flags -_-

wiz khalifa "we're done"- shehan/harry (it's thanks to them i know who this is)/anthony antekilian (we first bonded over wiz khalifa lol)

whatever you like (t.i)- daniel but only bc this was on the radio all the time when i drove to his house, it more reminds me of driving there/laila a little

in the dark (dev)- david (beecause this summer we heard it in the car the first time he let me drive him)

stronger- nane (again, because she is)

in da club- manpreet k (the good one) & joanna

runnin (tupac)- any tupac song reminds me of jorge

suga suga- menowah & agnes (i used to love this song, i told men about it, he's agnes's cousin we were talking at her birthday party when we were like 11)

when i grow up- laila (i wanna have boobies!)

till i collapse- tony (eric a little too because he was there)

deuces- remix makes me think of alex (cousin) because of the "wanna put up my middle finger but i got two better dueces" part/nane/anna (twin)/tony

bedrock- shehan, harry, nicole (i remember my status where we all wrote the lyrics, and it ended with shehan saying he's watching espn, i said i'm watching oxygen and he said what now.. flirtttt!)

low (by flo rida)- lily because it was the first song i played for her when we got them/anais because she was there

the astronaut- this reminds me of the lake house because i made a cd for coming back that my dad played its the only song i remember was on it

don't let me fall- daniel/aneel (daniel for showing me bob, aneel for making it my ringtone on his phone)

daydreamin- aneel (they play it at social a lot, we both like lupe- its my favorite lupe song i think)

get em high- shehan/harry/aneel (i sang the beginning for all of them lol)

point of no return (immortal technique)-aneel because it impressed him

leaving the past (immortal technique)- david

hey there delilah- manpreet/erik (her ex)/sean

numb/encore- nick/anna (babysister)

the poison (alkaline trio)- tony (i listened to this a lot the first time things ended)

i write sins not tragedies (panic! at the disco)- anna/aneel (anna because she liked the song/video aneel bc he put it on my cd)

lost ones- aneel/tony/nane/me/eric/baby

forever (chris brown)- david (when he moved into his dorms his roommate kept him up having sex to this lol- one of the first stories i heard from ucsb)

put it down on me- tony/annatwin (she put it on the cd i have)

super bass/did it on em- ariana/anna/elyssa/sophia

moment for life- baron (lil wayne concert)

up up and away- angela

headlines- eric/aneel

demon- me

because i got high- mostly allan cause this song came to mind the first time ever i smoked and he was there- it was his idea, but sha was there too just cause he's allans friend i didn't know him at the time and even though he wasn't a big part of it he was there so him too

lights please- daniel for introducing me to j cole

maybe (rocko)-nane/john/amir

baby don't go- nane/narine/aneel a little bc he put it on my cd too

message in a bottle- sarah (i played her guitar hero for the first time), cynthia, gina, makeila, laila, kaikea, nick & david just for loving the police

power (k west)- cris p (more because of the other version of the song and our date)

and he gets the girl- daniel

superstar- daniel/sophia (it was my ringtone when we were friends a loooong time ago and she knew the song, most people wouldn't)

got money- sam/chantal/jerry/mo/those people just cause they played it at mo and jerrys party

billionaire- my mom (she sings this alll the time me and anna think it's so annoying)

8:08 am - 10-06-11


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