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bad liked to write poems when he was on drugs, i just have too many thoughts even when i'm not. i have been thinking about him lately though. i remember i had pushed him so far out of my mind that once when aneel asked me who i talked to in between tony and david i said no one, because i really forgot. i remember how sad i got because of him, and how almost quickly i got over it. maybe i just pushed him out and never really did get over it and that's why i am thinking about him again.

i have also been thinking about good, maybe because of how things went this summer. but these are more easy thoughts. i know i'm thinking about things with him because they're things i hope i never forget. i know i was young, and that the relationship was probably immature in a lot of ways and i don't know what love is and blahblah, but i still really do believe that even when i'm much older- it will mean a lot to me. and if i don't think about it from time to time, i might forget it and i never want to do that.

6:53 am - 10-06-11


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