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no regrets, no apologies.

So I have finally figured it out. I am graduating this year. I am going to go to graduate school. I've erased the parts of my past. You know when you're young and you're all "no regrets" about everything because blah blah you're proud of who you are? I'm still proud of who I am and who I will be but I have regrets. I have one really big one. I have a few smaller ones. There are things I wish I did differently. But I'm okay with that because I learned from it. It's okay to regret things if you learn from them. It's okay to not be proud of everything you've done because you can still be proud of who you are. There is light and dark in everyone, but what you chose to do defines you. And so does how you handle things. I am handling things by becoming a better me, moving past the past and not letting it define me. So who am I? I am Lina. I have been through bad things and made bad decisions. I have made a lot of mistakes and some times I knew that they were mistakes but I did them anyway. I am smart. I like to listen to and help people. I believe in the good in humanity. I believe in the bad in individuals. I believe there is hope for anything and that happiness can always be achieved and that it should be a primary goal. I am going to be a psychologist. I am going to work hard. I am a hard worker. I am my fathers daughter.

10:02 pm - 11-18-13


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