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I'm feeling a lot of love this year for my birthday. To be honest, I was kind of depressed the past few weeks or so. I feel like life has been dealing me some tough hands and I was feeling lonely. About a week ago I hurt my ankle because my boyfriend pushed me. He didn't mean to but that's just how it happened. I also found out I had jury duty the week of finals and that's going to be difficult. Also, I had a 900$ ticket that I had to pay, I borrowed money from my sister and bf to make that happen. But I feel an overwhelming sense of love today. My family is amazing and I'm thankful for them. I was sick the other morning and my mom made me the best tea and helped me, she even stayed home from work when my ankle was hurt. Janet bought me cake and grandma said she will knit me another scarf. My dad is the greatest man alive, just like every other day of his life. And my boyfriend has been working very hard to make this week the best birthday week. There are also my awesome friends, like Talar who texted me right at midnight to say Happy Birthday and posted a picture on instagram, all the sweet people who commented wishing me a happy birthday, this girl from my math class years ago who remembers me because I was nice to her, Preet who tagged me in a post about people she is thankful for, my cousin Evs who texted me, Alex who is awesome like always and Eric's cousin who is a sweetheart too. I'm so happy.

11:46 am - 11-29-13


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