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no amount of coffee, no amount of crying

-we got the new house

today, I was pretty upset about life in general. Things have been extra difficult lately. I know everyone goes through these periods of time where it just feels like it's one thing after another, and that's kind of what's been going on with me. Thankfully, I know things will turn around. I guess I've been holding in a lot of my feelings and repressing them. It finally got to me and I sort of broke down. I let Eric know that I can't FaceTime because I'm upset and I'm going to a friends house. I wasn't expecting it but right as I started crying, my phone rang. He called me and talked to me and cheered me up. He really cares about me. I'm really happy for that. I don't believe in signs, things are only what you make of them. But I do believe that I have a great boyfriend that made my day. I'm feeling very thankful.

8:06 pm - 02-22-15


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