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this means nothing to me.

p: nothing could ever describe what you've done for me. when we disconnected I still felt connected, I knew I'd find my way back to you and you'd find your way back to me. No one in the world has ever been able to show me bravery the way that you have. We're all smothered in our flaws, bleeding jadded from our scars, leaving broken pieces of our broken hearts behind with very little left to spare; we are all drowning in the growing abyss of our mistakes, pulled deeper into the water by everyone who hurt us and even deeper by everyone we hurt. But somehow when I look around, at all the faces of whats left of all the people that I love, breathless and encompassed in all of life's pain, you're always the only one floating in spite of it.

08:12 pm - 04-11-15


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