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burn the house down.

are you rooting for me? the girl in the back of the class, quiet but well-spoken, shy but easy to talk to. yes, you're rooting for me. growing up in the broken house on the smallest street, with tattered clothes and curly hair. the kid with the hand-me-down clothes too big for her to wear, who gets made fun and has no friends. the kind of underdog you want to see win. you're rooting for me. the teenager who doesn't wear make-up, that all the shallow cheerleaders call lina bulemnia. the one with braces who never talks in class, but writes the best essays. with low self-esteem, but seems smart and just different enough to feel safe. you're rooting for me. the girl who has never had a boyfriend, because you know she's not the shallow things people look for. with a terrified look like a child walking alone in the world. you want to hold my hand, you're rooting for me.

but in the silence there are secrets. the quiet girl has a noisy mind. behind the baggy clothes hide all her scars she lets too many people see in the dark. her skinny figure a mark of her self-hatred. her words a representation of her disintegrated internal conversation. you couldn't be rooting for me. you don't know me.

2:07 am - 05-23-19


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