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-the way the sun feels on my skin
-playing exploding kittens at priyas house
-chasing lizards
-here comes the sun
-dads office
-the flower fabric grandma uses for everything
-“observe, don’t judge”
-the smell of chlorine after swimming
-time i cried when i fell off my bike
-“walk in with your head held high”
-holding dads fingers before surgery
-grandpas bracelet
-grandpas art studio
-grandpa: “are you STILL in school”
-el capitan theater with janet
-laying in tashas bed
-“you being here is good enough”
-stacey sitting on the floor with me
-moms perfume
-petit park
-wave particle duality
-the beach at night with anna when no one else is there
-“yeah, you’ll always be ok”
-live in the quiet moments
-the glass chess set
-dads record player
-the wall - pink floyd
-smell of oranges
-watching scary movies after school
-blue moons
-das commune forever
-costco sangrias
-scarlet purring
-“let it in, hold it in, give it away”
-“don’t carry what isn’t yours anymore”
-earl grey tea
-street lights in london
-“you don’t have to do everything by yourself. existing doesn’t make you a burden. don’t take away someone’s choice to help you by assuming they don’t want to”
-the yellow quilt at grandmas house
-my old bedroom quiet at night
-“i do have a good therapist”

11:15 pm - 10-03-23


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