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there's a reason why black and white photographs are never really black and white.

You're either this or you're that. We're either friends, or we're not. I either tell you, or I don't. It's democracy or tyranny. A fight for good, or a fight for bad. Every question is destined to conger one adequate answer, and any confrontation is sentenced to eternal dissatisfaction. Black out the word compromise from your vocabulary. Erase all thoughts of reposition. Condemn yourself to a world without opposition. A given face of equality, where only the majority is equal. Never suggest an inquiry, and do not agree with those inquired. Accept the written pages to be subscribed in permanent ink. Throw any contrary inhibitions aside. Cut apart all your dreams and keep nothing but the customary memories. Wonder away on whether it was worth it. There's no place for imagination in a world like this. It's real or it's not. It's there or it isn't. You either can or you simply can not. Is mine or yours? Demolish the word conciliation. Engrave the conventional vocabulary into your head. Let it always be known that in the center of every extreme there holds one consequence. Every story has it's same end, it was either your brightest contingency or an illustrious regret.

3:10 p.m. - 2006-12-20


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