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never again.

I feel like I'm letting silence get the better of me. For every word you say I know million are left unsaid. I've got you beat with a million and one. Is it supposed to be so hard to look at someone you want to see so bad? And I wish I could take back every day that used to mean so much more. I wish I could do more than write about the end of once endless possibilities. I'd give my life to turn back time just to watch us be friends again. I feel like it's over this time, for the last time, and I don't want to accept that it will never be how it used to be, how I want it to be. I keep hoping that I'll figure out a way to hear the clock tick backwards. Time to face it, there isn't anything left for us other than the strength we've got from giving up. I've cried too many nights to ever forget, we've stayed quiet for too long to deny regret.

9:48 pm - 03-11-07


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