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[001] I can't stand the sound of people chewing gum.
[002] I hold it in.
[003] I'm honestly confused, about almost everything. It's complicated.
[004] Ever hear the phrase "if you've got it, flaunt it"? The way I learned it was "Flaunt it like you've got it." Courtesy of my mother.
[005] I genuinely like people. Especially those who don't jump to conclusions, even though I'm someone that does.
[006] If I did something, I'll admit to it. I think that's a big problem with people. They don't admit to themselves.
[007] I'm not a jealous person, but when people purposely try to get me to feel inferior or whatever, it sincerely pisses me off beyond belief.
[008] I don't know what I come across as, but people are so wrong way too many times.
[009] People are the best kind of stories.
[010] I'm a little insane, I think everyone is when they're alive.
[011] I sound approx. 10 years old on the phone.
[012] I have one sister. We argue and fight and we're mad at each other so much, but she's also my best friend. I don't care about anyone like I do my Anna. We grew up the same way, so we're all that we understand. We're also all we need.
[013] I really don't mind my family. They're pretty cool.
[014] I don't live by standards. I'll run naked in the middle of the street if I want to know what it feels like or think I'm really pretty one day. I try not to think about things, that way it's easier to do them.
[015] My patience goes a very long way. I can tolerate a lot. Believe me, I can. But when you reach the end, it's something you don't want to experience.
[016] I'm very liberal. And that's not because I sit in front of the TV 24 hours a day and like to do whatever everyone else is doing. I don't watch TV. I come to my own conclusions. And it's because I don't think people are bad as we make them out to be. I also think everyone deserves a chance. Spotlight.
[017] I know what I'm talking about.
[018] Whether we're friends or not, I stick to what I think. My opinions don't change for anyone.
[019] I'm not a closed person. I'm not someone that runs away from personal questions. Also, I'm not into hiding myself. I have faith and a lot of trust.
[020] I hate, literally, hate, like cannot stand, when other people try to tell me who I am.
[021] I'm pretty into myself.
[022] I had some issues with figuring myself out a while ago. I still do, kind of. But I have it a little better than I did. I try to say things I know I haven't heard before.
[023] I trip over my own feet. I can hardly walk straight when I'm dead sober. I drop pretty much everything I hold. Thing's break with me. I have no idea what to do. I hate it when people figure that out, but who's reading this anyway?
[024] Summer is the best ever.
[025] I don't forget anyone.
[026] It takes a lot to get me to disrespect you. If I do, you fucked up.
[027] There are very, very few people I'm completely bitchy to. I don't care how skinny or fat you are or think you are. I don't care what you look like. One thing I know for sure is that that's how I get judged a lot, based on appearance or meaningless rumors. Sometimes it's good, and other times it's bad. I used to think that that was okay and I'd look at everyone else the same way. I grew up. I'm past that. I don't care what you seem like or who someone else says you are. I would never say come to a conclusion based on anything I don't understand.
[028] I'm like 5 feet tall. It's crazy. I love it.
[029] I'm an actress in the making.
[030] 90% of the time, I don't just say things for the sake of saying them or to make you feel a certain way. I mean it.
[031] I'm so glad I have the friends that I do. They're amazing beyond reason.
[032] Herpes freee is the way to beee.
[033] I mess around a lot, but I like being serious just a little more.
[034] The more you let me get to know you, the more interesting you become. I get bored of closed people really fast.
[035] My favorite songs consist of Copeland, Third Eye Blind, and Coldplay.
[036] Forgive and forget doesn't make sense to me. People change every day.
[037] I read a lot. I like books.
[038] I like knowing why and how vs when and where.
[039] Learning excites me.
[040] I don't understand physics, but I read that book more than any of my others. It just fascinates me.
[041] Religion has never occurred to me. Neither has the lack there of.
[042] I've only smoked a cigarette once ever. And I nearly died doing it. It was pretty embarrassing, but anyway, I don't smoke.
[043] I worry a lot.
[044] This is the most annoying thing.
[045] I'm not something permanent, I do wish I was though.
[046] Cherry coke&& strawberry flavored bubblegum make me happy.
[047] Selfish people, I don't get along with.
[048] I don't talk to people who can't get over themselves very long.
[049] Turning sixteen was the best thing that ever happened to me.
[050] The enddd.

10:37 pm - 06-03-07


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