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ive been meaning to write in here the past few days. im really tired so i might not finish or just get some stuff out and finish later.

for one, the stuff armash said to me has really been sticking in my head lately. strong, independent women. amazing. chloe had another "incident" the other day. i wont go too much into it because i dont think its right since its not as much my business. im just glad shes okay. shes such a beautiful, strong person. i honestly look up to her. it scares me so much. especially when she has those weekends and she comes back to school with the razor marks on her wrists and a smile on her face. shes an actress in her own way. i worry though. i know how scared my parents get over her, especially that the same thing might happen to me. im no where near it though. i could never. it surprises me though, how brave she is considering the circumstances. i hope she finds her reason to be happy, and i hope she'll be able to embrace it.

ive decided to make this thing private again. im sick of the wrong people reading it and coming to their own conclusions about my life. its no one elses business to talk about. this is here for me, and people close to me. not people who used to be and are just using as a form of getting information i dont want them to have. its a complete invasion of privacy. i can only stand it for so long. so for now, until CERTAIN assholes give up trying to break in, this is for meonly. everyone else can just fuck off and find something better to do with their lives than talk about me.

11:22 pm - 09-28-07


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