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i am a piece of everyone i've ever met. i don't know a single thing about me that's original. i'm like this chamelleon that turns into what i think everyone i'm around wants to see. of course, these are all parts of me. but i always show people the side they want to see. is this wrong? am i wrong? maybe i don't do this at all. the downside of being an over thinker: you over think so much you don't know what's real. ughughugh. the christmas lights are spazzing, just like every thought i try to have that's cut short by something else. i CANNOT think clearly. i wish someone would get me some adderall. is it just me that can't think when the TV is on? NOTHING in my mind is organized. maybe that's why i'm so OCD with my notes and everything around me. everything has to be organized because my thoughts can't be? i think everyone i've ever met has said i have good "insight". do i want that? do i want to have insight if it means not being normal, because i am clearly not normal. people always think i think too much of myself to say that, but it's the opposite. tyler, i am thinking of you.

8:20 pm - 12-19-09


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