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things are better, "almost there", and the prank caller

things are better. i feel much better than i did a month ago. maybe i should attribute that to my newfound independence. i always seem to find friends that link onto me then i spend all my time every day with them, slowly i start to give them more than they give me, they take advantage of me, i get irritated, we get in a fight, they say some dickish things, try to appologize and i won't have it, the friendship is over. i replace them.

except this time i didn't. i have been rethinking things to try to have a more healthy perspective. i have this amazing guy that likes me, that i am so lucky likes me, and i get to talk to every day. me and manpreet have been talking again, that's been good. and i have some of the best friends now that i've ever had in my life and other friends that also bring me new fun experiences. i am about to start at a new school and finally start moving forward. i'm in a positive place, better than most of the people i know, and i need to appreciate that more.

"almost there" i don't really know what to say about this, other than i hope it's worth it. i hope it's worth it, but i won't do it again.

prank caller some bitch knows some things. good think i locked this.

9:45 pm - 06-28-12


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