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"Scooby-Doo taught us that the real misters are humans,"

We lie. We have egos. We protect ourselves before others. We are made to believe we are all great, yet if we were greatness would be extinct. We cheat. We seek out our own benefit. We are in war with the world and others are our casualties. We victimize and demonize, analyze and hypothesize, rationalize and moralize our actions that we would never excuse if they were done by the hands of another. We murder hope in the innocent to create that for ourselves. We have a million excuses for own behavior and only one judgement for that of others. We throw stones at brick houses and eventually we tear them down and we either hold in that guilt so deep inside ourselves that we can't see the lives we've ruined or we become drunk off our own indulgence proud of the horror we've created unaware of the demon we've become. We see fiction in our own reflection, unaware of the chaos we've left behind, or aware but untouched by it. We imagine our realities and will go to all means to ensure that there are no threats to what we've created in our minds. We kill and we don't know it. We are monsters, but we are masked. And in our masks only we are safe.

9:10 pm - 11-18-13


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