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through the looking glass.

When Alice left Wonderland, it still called to her. It drove her crazy. She couldn't forget about the white rabbit, cheshire cat, and all the allure of Wonderland.

When I left Wonderland, it spat me out. And I may have left it, but it never left me. Today, it calls out to me, just like it did for Alice. Here, standing on the edge of what was and what could be, I can't decide if I want to put one step in and let myself fall to the bright colors and illusions of it all. A part of me is already lost in reality, the hallucinations have started. I'm trying to resist the urge but at the same time I know you can't have one foot in and one out. When you step near the rabbit hole, it sucks you in whole, completely, and unforgivingly. May the walls I've built protect me from the many demons inside.

3:46 pm - 04-07-15


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