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with our eyes closed and mouths shut, when was it that we went so wrong? and it seems not long since we began to sing our own lullabies, playing catch with strangers and having cooties, thinking it was the birds that brought down babies, never expecting that we would ever be woken up. the bell rings and someone said that was a dream called childhood.

with our hearts open and doors closed, when was it that we lost so much? and i heard that one girls pregnant and another found love. as if learning to be being simple wasn't complicated enough. so he’s screaming swear words and she talks too much. and that boy across the street didn't get to live a day past sixteen. this time some of us counted days in our own blood hoping the pain would wake us up. it became morning again but unfortunately adolescence was more than a night with dreams not so sweet.

our cages locked and keys long lost, when was it that this happened to us? and it seems too long since jokes were worth laughter and the universe was a good place for us. now jobs are our favorite distractions from this nightmare, from what we're sorry to call life. friendship is a lost matter, it's turned time leave our love behind.

we've become like lost children in a math class we don't like. where all happyness is in the ticking of a clock. and when that bell rings we can't wait to be the first to run out. so wait another hour, throw your nightmares aside, cast shadows on your once meaningful dreams, kill those you left behind, and once that clock stops ticking, and the loud bells from the alarm go off, you’ll see that silence only gets you so far.

11:29 pm - 02-28-07


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