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honestly? you haven't got jack shit other than a dead relationship you hate yourself for having. your only friends say your name like it's an insult. you've become a hypocrite by your own definition. honestly? you're just a problem. you could cry your eyes out, but no one would see you. you turned invisible a long time ago. you deserve it. you've got a smile that scares off satan. time to face the truth: life broke you, you're broken. i hope my eyes are the first image you see when you hear regret. these words are meant to burn a hole in your heart. i told you one day looking in the mirror would hurt like hell. time for self realization. you never meant anything to anyone. not even yourself. accept the fucked up truth because it's all that you're getting. because honestly? you've always been just temporary.

5:08 pm - 03-09-07


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