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couldnt be.

I really don't understand the strangeness of strangers. The way you look at someone and they matter, but one day they don't and you try not to look at them. The point where best friends become acquaintances, and then perish into nothing at all. As if every breath you ever took together is vanished from time. They say your whole life flashes in front of you when you die. I think it's the same when friendship dies. But this type of death is one your reminded of more constantly. And when you see that person you used to care about you remember everything. The times they were there for you, the times you had no one else to turn to, the secrets you kept, how you thought it would last. The love you carry for a best friend is unlike that which you carry for anyone else. Friendship is when you see yourself in someone else, you see a piece of the puzzle you seem to be missing. Everything new one day has to turn into everything old. When they're gone, they take part of you with them, and you take part of them with you. It's a heartbreak of it's own. I just don't understand how you can do so much and care so much and love so much all for one person, just to see them one day and wonder if you should even hi, if they even remember you. In a sense, we're all strangers because we all dream and die alone.

10:26 pm - 05-28-07


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