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the end?

Just thought I'd write out all the things I see every time I'm reminded of how everything like.. died.

Summer 2006.

July 1, 2006: Who knew we wouldnt be friends anymore at this point? God we thought we were seriously best friends forever.

The pranKKKers.

"Through thick, and thin, and soft, and hard"

That windy night when I was crying over Nick.

Meeting halfway.

"The camel!"

Leaving Mr. D's class first semester because you were crying about Erik.

Ditching (and getting caught) 6th period last year. Remember in the girls bathroom?

When I snuck into your house cause your dads bro was there or something.


"Rapist man"

When Sara said "Is there anything you two don't know about eachother?"

When you visited me at the hospital.

When we went to McDonalds.

Running to the UPS store so you could send Erik his birthday present.

Back when we went to Carls Jr. instead of BK.

Early Tuesdays.

When you slept over, just that once.

Throwing scrunchies at the air conditioner.

Walking fast to see Clerks 2.

"The OH in Ohio"

Getting strawberry lemonade last summer from starbucks.

Every morning.

Final Contract.

Hilbilly Jesus.

"Lima Bean"&& "leany"

Chat rooms.


Six Flags.

Baby names.

The Dark Ages.

Being nothing.

I can't help crying when I write this. I have so much more to say but I don't have it in me to say it. I've tried not to think about it for so long I thought I was okay with it but I'm not. There's no blame on who did what. I don't care. It's just the best friend I've ever had and it's gone just like that. Like nothing ever happened when nothing did. Talking makes me remember so I had to write it down. It's all that mattered to me.

someonexxelsee (10:51:20 PM): yeah im extending it right now its sort of killing me lol
Millencolin X777 (10:51:37 PM): i see
someonexxelsee (10:52:35 PM): when i think about it
someonexxelsee (10:52:43 PM): you have no idea what id do for my best friend back
Millencolin X777 (10:53:00 PM): like what would you do
someonexxelsee (10:53:47 PM): anything
someonexxelsee (10:53:50 PM): i miss her a lot

10:48 pm - 05-28-07


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