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the water fall

I don't remember being one of those people who bottles up emotions without knowing it, but I see it in myself sometimes now. I don't remember not being able to adequately estimate how I would feel or react in certain situations, at least not being so far off. I hate the world today. I hate the sun for shining when I'm trying to be sad, I hate my parents for having made me an emotional disaster, I hate my sister for making me not feel safe enough to talk to her, I hate my friends for not understanding and I hate some of them for not talking to me anymore. I'm filled with just hate and I hate it. I hate sounds. I hate them because they won't let me get away from everything. There is really nothing giving me hope. And now my tears are flooding out of my face like a faucet. With one push they fall in every direction, silently. I'm depressed, but not like before. I hate when my hope is built up only to be broken down.

10:59 am - 07-24-14


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