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a very late birthday post (24)

"I am gold and glowing, green and growing."

So far 24 is not going as well as I would hope for. It started off with an argument with my sister, it was a horrible day where I cried so much I couldn't even get my make-up on. I don't think she realizes how much she hurt me. But others were really there for me and some people wrote really good birthday cards for me. Alex was such a sweetheart and came to my house to try to convince me that I should let him drive me to the party. The location was amazing and I'm really happy Tasha and Chelsea were able to make it. Nicole picked my birthday to be the first time that she introduced us all to the guy she is dating. Eric was so sweet and held back on drinking to make me happy and was willing to do anything to make that day special to me. He even bought me an iPad, a leather jacket, and a jacket I had seen in a store and really liked. But most importantly, he came back. He was here for my 24th birthday, which is kind of ironic, because this is the year in my life where I probably will be seeing him least. It's still going to be a good year. I'm making mistakes but I am learning faster than ever before.

2:24 am - 12-10-14


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