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sad face.

If you said it would all be okay, Id find a reason to discredit your argument. If you told me it’d last forever, Id end it that very day. If you grabbed my hand, it wouldn't have been tight enough. If you kissed me, it wouldn't have been for long enough. If you said you missed me, then I missed you more. If you wrote me, well, my letter was longer. If you were to call me, well, I'd have to have called you first. If you had talked to me, your words just wouldn't have been right. If you were to ask me a question, I'd think you already knew the answer. If you promised me later, I'd want it now. If you let go, I'd want you back. If you said, Goodbye, I'd wish you'd say, Hello. If you gave me the world, the only thing I'd want was you.

8:35 pm - 09-10-07


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